5 Ways To Make Your Bridal Shopping Experience Actually Enjoyable


You are engaged! Congratulations! It's finally time to go find your dream gown. Did you know that buying a wedding dress is the second most emotional purchase you will make in your life, next to buying a house? It puts a lot of pressure and stress on yourself, and the dress to find something that you are going to look the most beautiful in. Here are five ways to make finding the dress have less stress.


1. Less people is more. 

Its an exciting time, you are excited to try on a bunch of dresses and find THE one. However it can be quite overwhelming. You may want it to be a big event and invite your mom, your soon to be mother in-law, and all five bridesmaids. However all those opinions can make your bridal appointment feel overwhelming and stressful.  It is best to go with one or two other people who are going to make the appointment about you, let you focus, and only enhance the experience. 


2. Be open to different styles.

Maybe you hate beading and sparkle, or have always wanted a full lace backless dress because you've seen it pinned 50 times. However, all those pictures are photoshopped, the models are in spanx, and standing on four foot tall blocks to show the lines of the dress. Not to mention, probably cost over $15,000! Social media, Pinterest, and Instagram are amazing, but can give you a bad case of content overload. If you get stuck on a certain type of dress, you will never find what you are looking for. Be open to all different styles, because you never know what you are going to fall in love with. Over 90% of brides pick something that is the complete opposite of what they first envisioned themselves in. Even if you hate beading, try it on. If you hate simple, try it on. You never know, until you try it on.


3. Don't trust how a dress looks on the rack.

Trust your stylist, not the dress on the rack. Dresses look totally different when they are hanging there. Stylists are trained to pick dresses for each persons body type, and only they know how they look on. So if they pull a dress you aren't crazy about, give it a try. It could be the one. 


4. Listen to your gut.

There are a million different voices in your head, and its hard to quiet them! Especially when you are trying to find a dress for the big day. Opinions; Yes you want them, but something to remember is that friends and family are often giving opinions as to what THEY want to wear on their wedding day, and forget to take into account your personality and style. At the end of the day, no matter what anyone says, what matters most is how you feel. Its good to sit in a dress for a few minutes, calm those voices and really listen to what your gut is telling you. 

5. Don't over shop.

So you found the dream dress, you love how it looks, you love how you feel.. but what if..? No! STOP THE WHAT IF! This is the most important thing: if you find a dress you love, and you feel like a bride, you need to stop looking. It's hard to commit to a dress, but the biggest reason brides get frustrated with dress shopping is because they think they need to try every dress in the world on. You don't. Not only do you risk a dress being discontinued if you walk away, you will also forget how beautiful you feel in that dress. Don't confuse yourself by over shopping. If you find a dress, Say YES!