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Rituals Bride : Shaughnessy Estate Wedding

We met beautiful Lauren this past winter when she came in searching for the perfect gown to wear for her wedding. She fell in love with Australian designer Dan Jones, and couldn't decide between two of his gowns, so she did what every girl dreams of and chose both! 

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Lauren chose the Anjelica gown with a silk organza overskirt to wear for her ceremony at their grandparent's home Shaughnessy, and fit her formal wedding perfectly.



She paired her gown with a cathedral length veil by local designer Jane Rhyan | the collection.


Their reception was like a midsummer nights dream under a candlelit tent adorned with twinkle lights where they danced the night away. Congratulations to our #RitualsBride Lauren and her new husband Grady, we wish you nothing but happiness!


The Bo & Luca Story

Bo & Luca designer Shannon Pittman in her studio.

Bo & Luca designer Shannon Pittman in her studio.

It all starts in a dreamy, sun-lit Australian studio filled with white gowns blowing in the summer breeze. Designer Shannon Pittman is speaking about her love for travel, but her soft-spoken gentle nature does not hide her intense passion for her work, which is so obviously displayed by the beauty she creates. Shannon's personal style oozes 70s-cool with a chic bohemian vibe, and she pulls it off effortlessly, without overwhelming her natural beauty. She has travelled throughout her entire life and now lives between Sydney, India and Cape Town, constantly gathering inspiration for her next breathtaking creation. I guess what we're trying to portay is: she is a goddess. And she is the genius behind Bo & Luca - one of our most luxurious and beautiful brands here at Rituals of Love.

Hand Beaded couture bridal gown wedding dress.jpg

Bo & Luca is a brand like no other; filled with soft silhouettes and rich in culture and craftsmanship. These gowns are made for the modern bride who desires to take the road-less-travelled. A dreamer, not confined by tradition, who wants to dress for herself and tell her unique story. Someone who is excited to wear something exquisite and hand-crafted, rich with artisanal skill and culture, yet dripping in romantic nostalgia. A Bo & Luca bride is inspired by originality and afraid of the ordinary.

We recently had the chance to speak with Shannon about her process and interests and ask her some questions about the brand:

All Bo & Luca gowns are hand beaded by artisans in India.

All Bo & Luca gowns are hand beaded by artisans in India.

Rituals: We know you are a well-travelled woman and you use travel for inspiration. What is your favourite city you've been to?

Shannon: That’s hard, but I love Cape Town. It’s the most magnetically beautiful places, I feel drawn to it when I’m away, and that’s why I’ve recently moved back and am opening the design studio here.

Rituals: Amazing! So you are now situated in Cape Town, and you travel to India often for the brand. What made India the place you chose to produce your gowns in?

Shannon: India is rich in culture and in its artisanal work. I first fell in love with the artistry of hand embroidery when I lived in Dubai and trained with an Indian tailor. The way that the Indian artisans can manipulate fabric is unseen anywhere else in the world. We have a specialist team who create the most exquisite pieces.

Rituals: Your gowns are exquisite, and they are all silk, which is so rare in bridal these days with most brands using synthetic fabrics. Why do you use silk as your primary fabrication?

Shannon: I love the fluidity and the movement of silk and the way it feels on your skin, rich in its luxurious texture.  I feel that if you are to wear any fabric on your wedding day it should be silk.

The Bo & Luca Isra gown is available at Rituals of Love Bridal in Gastown.

The Bo & Luca Isra gown is available at Rituals of Love Bridal in Gastown.

Bo & Luca is available at Rituals of Love Bridal, our stunning boutique bridal shop located in the Gastown district of Vancouver, BC. Book an appointment to start the journey towards finding your perfect gown.

Designers we LOVE - & FOR LOVE

We are beyond excited to partner with the amazing women behind Canadian bridal designer &ForLove. Designer and creative director Angel Spendlove's (yes her name says enough) style and past as a professional ballerina is reflective in her gowns, which are airy, light and all about beautiful movement.

Angel's signature boho-meets-modern style, inspired by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Jane Birkin, Alexander McQueen and vintage Balanchine costumes. Angel is the key eye behind & FOR LOVE’s aesthetic, and believes that bridal wear should be a celebration of your true style - and not an excuse to dress up like a 4 year old's princess party. We agree!  

Together with partners Julie Forand and Lisa Blunt, & FOR LOVE is designed and produced in Toronto, Canada, and has been featured in Wedding Bells, Wedluxe, Flare, The Kit, Kenton, and The Lane, and proudly participated in the 2015 White Cashmere Collection in support of The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

 Check out her story and the fun interview posted about me and Rituals of Love http://www.andforlove.com/blog/




We're feeling the Canadian Love and so stoked to announce our newest stockist, RItuals of Love Bridal. Located in downtown Vancouver, owner Samantha Hallaran brings her years of experience from working in bridal in the USA back to her Canadian roots, and mixes it with her own philosophy of what the ultimate bridal experience should be. 

To introduce you to Samantha and Rituals of Love Bridal, we hope you enjoy our latest post on STORES WE ❤︎ . 

Why bridal?

I was always meant to do something creative and work with people. I love fashion, style and design of all spectrums and love that bridal carries such a sacred ritual. I also love supporting fashion that is ethical and quality, gowns that are not mass produced in a factory in China but are handmade pieces of wearable art.  Love is what we live for; working in an environment surrounded by people celebrating the journey and rituals of love could not be more fulfilling.

What is unique about your store?  

I loved hunting for my dress but also felt there was something missing within bridal wear, something I felt I could heavily improve on in terms of experience and style. This is a sacred gown and a once in a lifetime experience that needs to be celebrated. No bride should ever wear a dress she feel like she is required to wear. Every bride should wear a gown they are beyond excited about, something that is a reflection of their own personal style only amplified in the most luxurious way.  Rituals of Love focuses on celebrating the journey and helping women find a gown they feel like a queen in.

What's your bridal vibe? I have an appreciation for a wide variety of styles, I feel like my own wedding was impossible to choose a theme for because I wanted it all; vintage with modern traditions, simple with elegant details, timeless but memorable, chic with a bohemian undertone. Haha honestly though, I love beading but I also love a clean, simple architectural gown. I would say my bridal vibe is dresses that are truly made and cut well to flatter a woman's body. Wear the dress don’t let the dress wear you.

The most memorable kiss of your life? Listening to Aretha Franklin pulled over on the Sea to Sky Whistler highway watching the snow fall.

Difference between love and lust? Lust is fun - I won’t knock it.  Love is when you put your partner's happiness before your own because you share their happiness.

 Currently crushing on? Have you seen the new Lemonade video….crushing hard on Beyonce!

 Most romantic thing anyones ever done for you?

My husband isn’t exactly a romantic but he does things that blow my mind. When we moved to San Francisco I was feeling lonely and constantly begging for a puppy. There are so many rescue dogs in California that desperately need homes, but being busy with work and trying to find a home that would allow dogs just didn’t seem to be an option. I would ask every morning and get shut down with his rational logic.  We decided not to go home for Christmas and to celebrate by renting a van and driving the Cali coast. I was really excited about our plans but started to get more and more homesick closer to the holidays. He knows what my family means to me and knew that I was going to be a lonely mess on Christmas when I thought of my big family having fun together.  I came home from work about a week before Christmas to find the most amazing little fox of a puppy called Sierra sitting on my bed. She has proven to be one of the best investments we have made!


...Trust The Journey